Privacy Notice
What do we collect?

Personal Information

We collect your personal information in order to provide and continually improve our products and services.


Our websites contain Contact Forms. If you submit one of these forms then we collect your name, email address and phone number, as well as the message you send.

Like many websites, we use cookies and other unique identifiers and we obtain certain types of information when your web browser or device accesses one of our websites.


We collect the URLs of websites that are hosting our widgets so that we know where they are being used and whether we need to add support for additional languages. No personal data is collected from individual users.


Silver Horizon

We collect your name and email address.

If we are providing an Artist, we also collect the name of your band and the address they rehearse at, as well as the date, time and address of the event they are helping at.

If you make a payment through our Payments page then we receive a confirmation that the invoice has been paid. We do not collect any further information.

Silver Horizon Interactive

We collect your name, email address and mobile number.

We also collect the name and intended domain of your website

We will collect varying amounts of data over the course of constructing your website. This data is held only for the time that we are involved with your website. We will contact you for consent prior to collecting this data, and you may withdraw your consent at any time.

Silver Horizon Textiles

We collect your name, address and email address.

Depending on your order, we may also collect further personal information specific to the product. We will contact you for consent prior to collecting this data, and you may withdraw your consent at any time.

Data Processing

We process your personal information to operate, provide, and improve the services that we offer our customers. We will process your information for the following purposes:

  • Purchase and delivery of products and services. We use your personal information to take and handle orders, deliver products and services and communicate with you about order, products and services.
  • Communicate with you. We use your personal information to communicate with you through different channels (e.g. phone, email).
  • Purposed for which we seek your consent. We may ask for consent to process your information for a specific purpose. This purpose will be communicated to you and, if consent is given, you will be able to revoke it ay any time.


We do not set cookies within the browser.

However, we make use of third party websites and plugins via Cloudflare. Read their Cookie Policy for information on how they use cookies. As these plugins may set or use cookies within your browser, we display a notice informing you that cookies are used.

Sharing Data

We are not in the business of sharing or selling our customer's personal data to others.

Silver Horizon, Silver Horizon Textiles and Silver Horizon Interactive are all linked via the same system and so information is shared between these three services. No data is shared externally.


We design our systems with our users in mind. We do everything within our power to make sure your data is kept safely and securely.

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts any information you input.

Our payments are handled externally, meaning we do not store any payment information.

Data Retention

We keep your personal information for as long as it is required to fulfil the purposes in this Privacy and Cookies Notice, as may be required by law, or as otherwise communicated to you.

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