Silver Horizon

Service that's out of this world

Silver Horizon is a family of businesses based in Bury (Lancashire) and Queensbury (Yorkshire), which specialises in select creative markets (music, textiles, photography and software development). We specialise in providing a quality experience for an affordable price and always look to get the very best deal for our clients.

Our Values

1 People before Profit

The core of our mission is to be the best we can be for our clients, providing 5-star service for a 1-star budget. We strive to act with good ethics and transparent intentions at all times.

2 Different is Good

Sometimes things are done because they've always been done this way. Not at Silver Horizon. We are always attempting to innovate and modernize our selected industries to push to the forefront.

3 Invest in Tomorrow

We are always seeking to create a better future for everyone. We use initiatives such as the Infinity Project to put our money where our mouth is and show our commitment to this cause.

What We Do


We provide drum, percussion and brass lessons across all genres, from rock and metal to classical and orchestral. We also provide dep musicians to ensembles including anything and everything between brass bands and punk bands.
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Silver Horizon Art & Design splits down into 2 main areas: textiles and photography. We provide a full range of services including headshots and personal photos to full-scale corporate events. We also make custom silk flags and clothing and provide embroidery services.
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Silver Horizon Interactive provides several IT-related services across the UK, including website design and development, app deployment and custom software. We are also experienced in working with Microsoft Office technologies such as Excel and Access.
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What's On

We don't seem to have any upcoming public events at the moment! Check back soon!